The Sales Lifeline

You have a great product, and you have a sales and marketing team. So it’s all systems go, right?

Well, yes, and no. There is one missing ingredient and that is sales leads, more precisely, an everflowing stream of quality prospects.

Some might say that sourcing good sales leads is what you pay your sales and marketing staff to do. So leave them to it. Smart, forward-thinking employers, however, would know that it would be in their best interest to lead the way.

As a business, you’re well-versed with your market segment and demand. You would also know who your potential buyers are. This already wins you half the battle, and taking the initiative to provide your team with a good source of leads is a step in the right direction.

Because Sales Cures All

  • Pitching sales and securing contracts is tough and time-consuming enough in this day and age where the competition is fierce. Knowing who to approach will save time, give you a better chance to secure contracts, and get the ball rolling faster.
  • Your sales team will be more motivated with ready leads to work with. Knowing who to approach increases their potential for success. Regardless of how tech-savvy we have become, corporate deals do require some degree of strategy and planning.
  • A motivated team will bring in better results, and better results augur well for both your company and your sales team. If there are not enough good leads to work with, it can snowball into unmet targets and expectations, for both you and your sales team. Frustrated employees would then quit and leave you high and dry. You would need to re-hire and re-train. This is arguably the most frustrating process in business.
  • Your savings are not only in the time it takes to secure sales contracts, you also save on re-hiring and re-raining costs. Working with an experienced team who know them inside out of your establishment is a huge advantage. And while it may seem easy to rehire, it is always better to maintain a low staff turnover, which is all good for everyone in the company.

So How Do You Get Leads?

The best approach in lead generation is to have both inbound and outbound marketing initiatives to help keep that funnel going. 

You can go the old-fashioned way of business networking or rely on traditional B2B or B2C affiliations. You can also utilize digital marketing strategies available such as social media marketing, or Google Ads, and Facebook advertising.

You can also consider working with a partner that can provide good quality leads from their database. And when we say, ‘good quality, we mean leads that don’t end up as bounced emails, or with wrong contact details, or even people who have already left the company!

How does your company secure clients and tap into new markets? We’ll love to hear from you.