The Power of Content Marketing & Storytelling in 2021

Influencer Marketing Facts That Will Surprise You

Being able to create and drive a strong content marketing campaign is tricky business. The industry is extremely competitive and there are so many great contenders. However, the power of content marketing and storytelling hasn’t wavered from its top position. Every company still understands and knows that content marketing is an extremely important component in any marketing strategy.

We are already almost at the end of Q2 of 2021, which is why we are already making efforts to plan out marketing and content marketing efforts for 2021. We believe that 2021 will be a big year when it comes to content marketing because consumers are looking for something with a lot more substance. This is why we truly believe that content marketing coupled with storytelling will bring about a much larger shift in the world of digital marketing, organic marketing, and marketing as a whole.

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Inbound marketing or content marketing is one of the best ways to build your sales funnel and to also ensure that you have a steady list of clients coming through to your company. If you decide against inbound marketing you will be losing a very important aspect of your marketing strategy.

So what is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is a proven marketing technique that attracts customers to your website via content marketing, SEO marketing and even social media marketing. Basically, all your potential customers will be discovering you by the content you put out rather than the other way around.

Inbound marketing is super important as it will help you find new customers and new clients that can turn into long term brand ambassadors. People who find you through your content and they find value in it would mean that they trust your product from the get go.

First off, let’s understand content marketing and storytelling a bit more. 

In the modern day of e-commerce, your customer doesn’t want just data and boring old content. They are looking for content that can and will change the way they perceive things. In the vast spaces of the internet, it’s also occupied by a lot of noise. The best way to cut through that is to have content that matters.

Why storytelling? Well, it’s part of human nature to love a good story. Someone that they can follow or an issue that is near and dear to their hearts. Being able to tap into that will allow you to captivate your audience a lot easier.

Content marketing as a whole was created to allow companies and brands to add narration and information to their product or their service. Gone are the times when you can just put an ad up for something you want to sell. People want to know what the product is, how it’s helped people, your company and your values and so much more.

Thus, content marketing has allowed for thought leadership to start and for your customers to get to know the company and the brand a whole lot more. This way you will be building a network of brand ambassadors that are there to help you grow your brand to better heights.

So, let’s break down why we feel that content marketing is the best way forward when it comes to your marketing strategy in 2020. 

Benefit 1 : Building Trust and Thought Leadership 

As mentioned briefly above, it is a lot better to garner interest from your clients and customers via thought leadership. Thought leadership basically means that you will become the beacon of information and opinions when it comes to your industry. Your company will be used by others when they need to get a point across.

By becoming a thought leader, you will be able to build a stronger community. People who are thoroughly engaged and involved in your company and brand.

What are some of the more interesting facts surrounding influencer marketing?

Building that community takes time and a lot of effort but once built it will be almost impossible to break down. Content marketing is also known to be a valuable and consistent avenue to share information with your pre-defined audience. This basically tells you that you can zero in on your customers and create content only for them. This way you know that you’re converting the right people.

When you think of selling a product, usually the first way would be to pitch your product. However with content marketing, you’re not only pitching your product, you’re also allowed to teach your customer about the product and how it’s filling a gap in their day to day, so much so that they would need to buy your product right now. According to Seth Godin, renowned marketer and author known throughout the industry has once said that “Content marketing is all the marketing that is left” and we need to heed this advice and start focusing more on valuable content marketing beyond 2019 and 2020

Benefit 2 : Qualified Leads and Long Term Branding  

With content marketing and storytelling, you get to tell unique stories, case studies, research and so much more to your clients directly. You will be able to narrow down the exact type of content your consumers needs and be able to provide it to them.

This is the power of content marketing. The upper hand of being able to tell them exactly what they need to hear. With well-targeted content marketing, you are offering your customers what they want in exchange of them purchasing whatever it is you are offering. You are able to provide that value add in their lives. Thus, this will convert them into qualified leads that will purchase your product.


The payoff of content marketing is vast but you must know that a successful content marketing campaign is not cheap nor is it easy. You will need to dedicate a lot of time and manpower into research, creation and publication of all your content pieces. However, once they have been published they can provide long term leads and branding for your company. A quality piece of content is forever giving and it will continue to churn revenue for you as long as it stays relevant.

With content marketing your brand will be able to find its voice and also be able to send a consistent message across all your channels. Once a brand is humanised and your consumers become invested – this turns them into lifelong supporters!

How do you ensure that you’ve woven content marketing and storytelling together properly?  

Step 1 : Personalisation 

Again, content marketing is made to be individualistic. If your customer is reading your piece, they need to feel that this particular piece of content was made specifically for them.

The only way for you to do that is to ensure that you know your customer persona very well. You need to know their struggles, wants, issues and what makes them tick. This way it becomes a lot easier to create targeted content. When you write the content, you need to make sure that the voice is also non-robotic or distant. If not customers will feel put off by the content and you will lose the ability to evoke their empathy.

Step 2 : Know Your End Goal 

After figuring out who your consumer is, you need to figure out the whole purpose for your content marketing and storytelling campaign. Is it to sell more products? Get more likes on Facebook? Gain more followers?

Once you’ve decided on the goal, all the content you create should be targeted to that goal alone. Use certain words, images, call to actions and even placements to allow for this goal to be met.

Once you get all of the above done and dusted, you are able to create your content marketing campaigns. At the end of the day, it should be known that content marketing is a long term strategy and it will take time to see concrete results as it is a dance between you and the human emotion.


However, once your customer has hooked onto your brand’s story and content, it can be almost guaranteed that you have found a customer for life. It’s not just about selling, it’s also about being able to create valuable and compelling content.

If you’re still scratching your head as to how to kickstart this whole process, we must admit that it is difficult and it might seem very daunting. Which is why it’s always recommended for you to consult a specialist first before diving head first into this vast sea of content marketing. If you need advice, Imaginate Asia can help you get started on your content marketing journey.

Imaginate Asia provides information and advice on the right approach for your industry. And we all know, a little help through the whole process never hurts anyway.