The Awesome Benefits of A Co-Working Space

The Awesome Benefits of A Co-Working Space

In the recent years, co-working spaces have been sprouting everywhere around us. The trend has definitely picked up here in Malaysia with a huge number of co-working spaces opening up everywhere.

But wait, what are co-working spaces? 

It’s definitely not your regular office space. Imagine something a lot better and more lively. Co-working spaces in its essence is basically a shared workspace. The main idea behind these spaces were to reduce the traditional costs that came with maintaining an office space. Along the way people realised that it was also great for networking and meeting some really cool, like-minded people.

Shared Workspaces

These shared workspaces have a lot more to offer when it comes to amenities. from high-speed internet, printing services, meeting rooms, nap pods and even a fully stocked pantry. It’s not just cost effective, but it can also be a lot of fun, whether you’re a freelancer, startup or corporate professional. Let’s break down the top benefits of working in a co-working space.

Benefit 1 : Saving some cash

If you’re a new CEO and you’re looking for a place to house your team quickly, then a co-working space may be the best option for you. It gives you the opportunity to have all the benefits of a fully-equipped office without having to shell out a huge chunk of money to rent out your own space, not forgetting the cost of furniture and other equipment.

Fully Equipped Office

Getting an office setup can really cause a dent in your financials and most of the time you would need to rent a space anyway, so there isn’t much that you can do to the office since it’s not entirely yours. By getting a co-working space you’d be saving a lot of money while still being able to have all the perks of a fun and fully-equipped office.

Co-working spaces usually come with flexible packages. If you are a freelancer and you’re just looking for a space to come in to work at, you can always opt for a hot desking option, or if you want something more permanent you can get a permanent seat (also known as a Fixed desk). There are various pricing options to suit your requirements.

Benefit 2 : Flexibility

Next on the perks list is the flexibility. Setting up an office comes with really daunting issues like signing a  long term lease, getting insurance and internet and utility bills. All of these things can get very stressful especially if you are just starting out and would much rather focus on your work.

Game Room

With a co-working space, this is already setup for you so the only thing that you would need to do is rent the space according to your needs and enjoy the facilities. One of the co-working spaces that have caught our attention lately is Co-labs Coworking, they even have a gamer’s nest room equipped with a PS4 console and arcade games machine with  super comfy beanbags, where members get to relax and unwind while playing some of their favourite games with your teammates.

Benefit 3 : Networking opportunities. 

Another great perk when you subscribe to a co-working space is the fact that you will be meeting a lot of different people. Renting a private office means that you will be closed off in that particular space. In a co-working space you will be exposed to a lot of different brands and businesses, and what better place is there to improve your networking skills than around a bunch of other business owners?

When you start working at a co-working space you will instantly understand the perks of having so many other businesses around you. You get to meet a tonne of different people from multiple backgrounds and be able to meet successful business owners too. This means you get the chance to exchange ideas with more established entrepreneurs. This opens up your entire networking circle, allowing you to find and groom future clients.

Benefit 4 : Grows Your Business 

As per the previous benefit, setting up your office in a co-working space will definitely help you grow your business. This happens because you will have that improved networking and connectivity with other businesses.

Grow Your Business

These people could become future clients or even give you referrals. Nothing spreads better than word of mouth. Working in a co-working space gives you that boost that traditional offices do not have. Use the fact that you get to hang around some really awesome people to your advantage.

Benefit 5 : Elevated Space 

One of the other great benefits of a co-working space is that it’s not built to replicate the old and boring brick and mortar office but rather it has so many cool and improved additions.

Co-working spaces are designed to be fun and entertaining while also promoting growth and focus. However, sometimes, you need to take that time off to refresh and get energised again to go back to work. Here is how a co-working space can help you. These spaces are designed to have games, sleeping pods, quiet rooms, lounge areas and even cafes so that you can take that much needed break.

Sleeping Pods

It is totally understandable that once you get into the zone, that there is no telling when you will come out of it. But when you do, it is very important to take that break so that you don’t get burnt out.

Flexibility | Co-labs Coworking

Co-working spaces were designed to ensure that you took these breaks since they can really help you increase productivity and decrease stress all at the same time and in the same venue!

Meeting Spaces | Co-labs Coworking

Like we mentioned earlier, Co-labs Coworking has definitely been on our radar for a while now. Since it opened in 2017, Co-labs Coworking has also expanded have a total of 5 locations within the Klang Valley vicinity These locations are well-connected so that you don’t have to worry about getting there.

Here is a list of their current and upcoming locations!

Co-labs Coworking Locations

With these many locations, you’re bound to find an awesome space for you and your team.

Co-labs Coworking recently unveiled two brand new spaces, namely at Naza Tower, Platinum Park and Sekitar26 Enterprise, Shah Alam. As their flagship The Starling space has reached full occupancy since it’s opening in July 2018, Co-labs Coworking is working on an upcoming expansion space within The Starling vicinity-  a new and improved space called Co-Labs Coworking The Starling Plus, opening in October 2019 allowing for more members to join their ever-growing #LabFam community.


We think they’re great not only because of their super cool spaces but also their competitive prices and memberships types that allows for true flexibility. Their spaces are well-equipped and taken care off to ensure that all their members stay comfortable and happy all the time.

There are so many different types of co-working spaces out there and there is surely one for every type of business. Co-labs Coworking’s one of our favourites only because they have catered to all kinds of businesses and have been great throughout.