About Us

As business competition intensifies, it makes sense to have some extra help outside your organization. After all, it’s not about just having a website, a Facebook page, or splashing some advertising dollars anymore. It’s about having a clearly defined strategy, and great content that elevates your brand.

Imaginate Asia is a Digital Agency established in 2017 with operations in Australia and Malaysia. Our vast experience in today’s digital landscape can provide that extra help your organization needs.

Imaginate Asia is a Digital Agency with operations in Australia and Malaysia.

Why Work With Us

Ready Expertise | Why Work with Imaginate Asia

01 Ready-expertise

When you outsource your digital initiatives to us, you gain instant access to a larger pool of relevant talent to handle your work for you.

Real Savings | Why Work with Imaginate Asia

02 Real Savings

You lose valuable time and money hiring and retaining good talent. Not to mention the added expenses like Employee Benefits, Trainings, Insurance, Company Trips and Travel Expenses. These things can add up very quickly when you start hiring directly.

Being Nimble | Why Work with Imaginate Asia

03 Being Nimble

Your organization scales comfortably according to your requirements – and almost overnight too.

Fresh Perspective | Why Work with Imaginate Asia

04 Fresh Perspective

Working day-in and day-out in your own little company bubble might be good sometimes but it might cause you to not be able to look with a fresh perspective. Hiring us as an external party will be able to help you understand new trends and pick out strategies that you might have missed the first time.

Focus on building your business instead | Why Work with Imaginate Asia

05 Focus On Building Your Business Instead

Building an organization is a grind, and we completely understand that. Your internal team might be busy working on other things. Leave the daily tasks to us, while you focus on growing your business.

About Our Founder

David Teh | Co-founder & Executive Director of Imaginate Asia


David started out in Marketing with the Catcha Group as far back as 2000, before moving to Astro Radio to assist in the organization’s online radio marketing initiatives including, hitz, Era FM, MIX and Lite FM.

​David spent the last 10 years marketing Insurance and Unit Trust products. Given his practical and on-ground experience in marketing intangible products, he offers invaluable insight for digital initiatives within the Industry and has been a guest speaker in agencies within Prudential Life Assurance Malaysia and Manulife Insurance Berhad.

​David has assisted in Marketing and Digital Content initiatives for multinational companies including Allianz Malaysia BerhadPruBSN Takaful BerhadMPI Generali Berhad and Eastspring Investments Berhad by providing new and practical ideas on Digital Marketing and Content-creation.

He currently manages Imaginate Asia’s operations in Malaysia and Australia – and travels frequently between both countries to assist clients and organizations in their initiatives.

Who We Work With

Eastspring Investments
MPI Generali
RS Components
Allianz Malaysia
Nuffnang Malaysia
Prudential BSN Takaful
Polaris Net